The Greatest Literature of All Time – Oliver Twist

23 Dec

Oliver Twist’s life has been a hard and desperate one. With his mother dying during his birth, and having no idea who his father was, Oliver has spent his first nine years struggling to survive in a world that has little pity for a poor orphan such as him.

After Oliver gets involved with the nefarious Fagin and the sinister Bill Sikes, he is wounded during a burglary. Oliver is rescued by Sikes’s intended victims, the young Rose Maylie, and her guardian, Mrs Maylie. At last, the boy finds a loving home and people who care for him.

But how long will Oliver’s happiness endure, especially when Fagin begins to conspire with a mysterious stranger with a link to the boy’s past?

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To order this title, Dial-a-Book at 9650-457-457

Adapted by: Dan Johnson

Illustrated by: Manikandan

Published: 2010

Imprint: Campfire

Format: Paperback, Full Colour | 10.25 x 6.50 inches | 88 Pages

ISBN: 978-93-80028-10-1

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